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Our years of experience in serving global customers, have shaped our mobile apps experience. This allows us to enable powerful analytical tools that can serve wide-range of customers, ranging from beginner to advanced.

No Minimum

Deposit Requirement

Want to start small? We can serve you! Never worry about the amount that you would like to deposit in our apps, with Webull, you can always start small and build your own portfolio, one-step at a time.


Customer Support

Our Customer Support Team is available to support you throughout our various channels.

Powerful Trading Tools

Intuitive and powerful advanced charts, multiple technical indicators empowering you to seize trading opportunities.

Real-Time Quotes

The Webull App supports IDX Real-Time quotes to help investors better understand the market’s demand and supply.

Licensed and Regulated in Indonesia

PT Webull Sekuritas Indonesia is Member of Indonesia Stock Exchange, has been licensed, registered and supervised by Indonesia Financial Authority (Otoritas Jasa Keuangan, OJK).

PT Webull Sekuritas Indonesia obtained a business license as a securities brokerage company based on the Decree of the Chairman of Capital Market Supervisory Agency with Decree No. KEP-102/PM/1992 dated March 03,1992.